Together, One of the Great  People Companies in the World

Our Joint Vision

Create a "People Inspired" global company and demonstrate to the world that a powerful culture combined with a passion for continuous innovation can deliver meaningful transformation to any organization. 

We will set the standard as one of the great people companies in the world.

Our Goals

  • Bring the strongest, most comprehensive human capital management and workforce management solutions to organizations of all sizes across the globe;
  • Expand the value we deliver to customers globally through our products and our leadership by providing the best customer experience; and
  • Demonstrate that commitment to culture is the best path to success.

Why Will We Succeed?

Because this venture is not only about the coming together of two industry leaders and two innovative product suites. Our combination also represents the powerful unification of two strongly aligned, value-driven missions that guide everything we do and that will be even stronger together.

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